dedicated rebreather room

CCR Rebreather Support

We support, dive and train on CCR Rebreather divers since ProTec Dive Center & Advanced Training Facility in Playa del Carmen opened its doors to the public in the year of 2001.

Training can be either done here at our ProTec Playa Dive Center or anywhere around the world as we will travel to you, to train you in your local waters. Our CCR Rebreather diving, support and training may take place in CCR open water diving, in CCR wreck diving, CCR cave diving within our beautiful underwater caves in Mexico or the CCR technical diving environment.

We support CCR Rebreather diving with a selection of CCR dilluent and oxygen tanks, a selections of spare parts, 797 Sofnolime Co2 absorbent in stock at all times, a selection of DIN valved bailout tanks as well as oxygen boosted to 3000 psi - 200 bar. We are proud to be dealers for the ISC Megalodon CCR Rebreathers. Please email us if you would more information on purchasing a unit or training on one. 

We do have a good selection of 13 cft alm, 19cft alm, 2 ltr steel and 3 ltr steel CCR Rebreather  tanks as well as 40 cft - 5.5 ltr alm and 80 cft - 11 ltr alm bailout tanks all with DIN valves. Sofnolime 797 is in stock at all times