cenote diving

Cenote and Cavern Diving

Cavern and Cenote diving is scuba diving in the cristal clear waters of the natural daylight zone of the water filled cave entrances. The Cenote is the openwater pool you are looking at when you look at the hole in the jungle floor. The word Cenote comes from Mayan word Dzonot meaning sacred well. The cavern zone is the part of the cave entrance where natural daylight reaches. The cave zone or dark zone is the area of the cave where no natural daylight can be seen.

To dive the natural daylight zone or cavern zone no special dive gear or training is needed besides a dive light and guide. If you like to dive into the dark zone or cave zone then you need special dive equipment and cave diver training that starts with the Intro to cave diver level.

A cavern tour is a guided tour where a trained guide takes you on a special dive trip. No extra training needed apart from your openwater certification. A 40 minute briefing and the specially trained guide can take you on the experience of a life time. The cavern tour. The maximum ratio for the cavern tour is 4 divers to 1 guide. We have published a number of good articles on our Blog that relate to cavern and cave diving.Please have a look.

Cenote diving

Guided cavern dives in the local freshwater cenotes are now available for all certified divers to safely enjoy. Cenotes are freshwater pools in the jungle with access to the vast underground cave systems. These pools are the entry to underwater marvels found only here in our area. Freshwater, with visibility well in excess of 45 meters / 150 feet, stalactites and stalagmites of every shape and size, and light zones that will dazzle your eyes are just some of the reasons to dive in these cenotes.

Cavern dives are safely guided by one of our professional guides within the light zones and guided cavern standards accepted worldwide. Our cavern guides are certified as a minimum of full cave by a recognized agency, are full Instructors with hundreds of dives in the local environment. They are knowledgeable and experienced in the local Cenote systems above and below the ground. 

Our standard day of diving is two single tank guided dives in two different Cenotes. We offer diving in all of the cenotes and we like to show our customers two different dives in different types of Cenotes. We include lunch and drinks (sodas and water) for all the trips. Tanks, weights, dive lights, transportation to and from the dives, tax, as well as the entrance fees to the two different dive sites is all included. A minimum of two divers is required but we can arrange private cavern and Cenote tours as well. Please send us an email to book a cavern tour and receive our cavern tour price list.