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Basic Cave Sidemount diving

The basic cave Sidemount course is designed for the trained cave diver who is looking for advanced cave diver training in different equipment configurations and diving techniques. The Sidemount configuration canbe used to have access to smaller cave systems or passages as well as tank availability on single tanks is easier usually then for double tanks.

If you have back problems or difficult logistical access to the dive site Sidemount migth be used instead of double tanks. The basic cave Sidemount course is the prerequisite to enter the advanced cave sidemount course where we dive very small cave passages.

Sidemount diving is an extremely comfortable way of diving for many, as well as a way to navigate through those restrictions you may had problems negotiate in backmount configuration. This is a four day training program with cave diving, gear configuration and additional theory. We have published a number of good articles relating to Sidemount diving on our Blog. Please have a look.

basic cave sidemount diver

Prerequisite for the basic cave Sidemount program is to be a certified as a full cave diver or technical cave diver. The basic cave Sidemount training program is prerequisite for the advanced Sidemount training program which takes additional three days to complete and is taught in very small cave systems and passages. Nothing for the claustrophobic.

We do support any Sidemount gear you may want to use or own but would like to invite you to use our STEALTH Sidemount gear free of charge during your training program.

Please don't hesitate to email us if you have any questions or need assistance.