advanced recreational trimix diver

Advanced Recreational Trimix Diving

The Advanced Recreational Trimix training program will extend your knowledge and develop skills to provide a greater understanding of the Nitrox and recreational Trimix concept. This course is combined with the deep diver course to extend your current bottom times whether you’re wreck diving off North Carolina or wall diving in Cozumel. Learning advanced dive planning and mastering the use of double tanks, independent systems, and decompression stage tanks are just a few of the points covered during this course.

Advanced Recreational Trimix Diver training program is similar to and has the same prerequisites and training curriculum as the Advanced Nitrox Diver course but does include helium in the breathing mix for those dives below 100 feet - 30 meters.

This course is ideal for all divers, especially those who would like to safely extend bottom times beyond that of standard recreational diving and to dive below 30 meters - 100 feet without the narcosis you experience using air based nitrogen rich breathing gases. It is also an introduction and part of the first step in preparation for a future in trimix or CCR Rebreather diving.

At the ProTec Dive Center in Playa del Carmen this course is conducted in double tanks using stage cylinders for decompression gases. The Advanced Recreational Trimix diver course will take five days to complete. We have published a number of good articles on our Blog that relate to technical diving. Please have a look.

If you have no experience in double tank diving we would like to recommend the Essential Diver preparation program to you where you learn how to assemble, configure and dive double tanks with skills such as hover horizontally, backward kick and lift bag deployment.

If you have any questions or want to book your Advanced Recreational Trimix diver course please just send us an email.