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Trimix Diving

The first standard Trimix course came out and was available to the public in 1991. Matt, who is a owner of ProTec Dive Centers has taken his Trimix course in 1995 and became a Trimix Instructor in 1997. And much has changed in the last 20 years. We are happy to have been part of the evolution in Trimix diving, have seen it all from the very beginning. Better yet, we have participated from the very beginning. High END's and deep switches to and from Helium based breathing gases are a thing of the past. Helium used to be the enemy but now Helium is our friend, and rightly so.

Normoxic Trimix diving

This training program is made for divers who wish to dive the depths from 130ft/39m to 200ft/60m using open circuit scuba but do not want to breathe air below 100ft/30m. Known as Normoxic Trimix, the nitrogen percentage in the breathing gas is reduced to a shallower ’equivalent’ depth while the oxygen percentage is kept the same thereby limiting any narcosis.

Whether your purpose for taking this course is to get ready for a full Trimix Course or to enable yourself to apply, more efficiently, your diving skills to 130 - 200 fsw 40 - 60 mtr. depth range, you will find the safe dive planning and dive execution procedures of this course suitable for you. Whether it is reef, wreck, ocean, lake or where ever you dive. During this course you will learn and practice how to reduce your Equivalent Nitrogen Depths to a maximum of 100ft/30m while never breathing less than 20% oxygen during your bottom time.

Hypoxic Trimix diving

Diving Trimix reduces narcosis at depths where air is not an option because of its prohibitive oxygen content and narcotic properties. The purpose of Trimix Diver Training is to learn the proper uses of these gases but not to push depth limits. Trimix diving involves dives of all depths using mixtures that are suitable depending on the depth, the job or purpose of the dive and your personal desires and limitations.

Explorers as well as recreational technical divers both enjoy the applications of trimix and the benefits of these gases. This course is taught along our beautiful local reefs, in sinkholes or abroad in your local area. We believe that varied environments give our students the widest variety of experiences possible to prepare them for their future trimix dives.